We inspire courage to create worlds in which one wants to be in.

Our purpose is to assist companies in creating and implementing innovations, whether through education or facilitation of product, service or process design. We are fully involved in the work process, putting our professionalism, authenticity and positive attitude into every part of it.



Irek Piętowski

Brainwave founder and managing partner Consultant, trainer, speaker

A humanist and former artist who despised business as a student, and then discovered that it was his passion and calling. Today he knows that he can run a business in harmony with himself.

He was a Business English teacher for twelve years, he ran an artistic agency for seven years, so working for large international organisations is his second nature.

His mission is to change the organisational culture to one that supports customer-centricity, creativity and innovative employees.

One of his passions is playing drums. As a musician he has performed at the Opole festival and in the Mam Talent semi-final! He loves to play tennis and run.

Graduated with a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Warsaw.


"Brainwave trainers convey a lot of well-structured knowledge. They have extraordinary energy that they share during class. They are equally eager to share their experience and, moreover, they are open, have an amazing sense of humor and a great deal of empathy. "

Innovation Director
Copernicus Science Center

„Szkolenie poprowadzone na najwyższym poziomie. Świetnie dopracowane szczegóły - materiały, przestrzeń i hummus 🙂. Cudowna energia chłopaków, mnóstwo inspiracji i świetna atmosfera spowodowały, że wracam z głową pełną pomysłów i chęcią na więcej. Polecam absolutnie każdemu. I tym z większym doświadczeniem i tym, którzy jeszcze nie wiedzą jak rozwinąć skrót DT i jaka bomba w tym siedzi.”

Art People Manager

“These workshops proved to be useful for Design Thinking novices (I saw real enthusiasm:)) as well as people like me who have regular contact with elements of Design Thinking at work. The sessions enabled me to consolidate my knowledge and provided me with additional valuable information. Clear examples were provided of how to apply this knowledge in practice - not only in a professional environment, but also outside of it. The moderators have incredible understanding of how to create a casual and collaborative atmosphere while simultaneously conveying knowledge in a professional way and keeping the group engaged. To recap, it was a great dose of positive emotions, motivation and tools driving us for further development.”

UX Architect
Ocado Technology

“These workshops are truly one of a kind – devoid of cliches and filled with plenty of humour and energy :). The buzz of the experience kept me up till 5:30am!!! My mind had been inundated with so many new concepts, inspirations, observations and ideas which kept me up. 100% would recommended.”

Specialist for Quality and Business Excellence

“Even a public servant has the potential to be creative after training with Brainwave :-). Synergy, creativity, engagement and the joy of creation. No boring lectures. Immediate application of knowledge through practical exercises and ready-made tools. Go back to work and start implementing straight away!”

Partnership and EU Funds Office Manager
Municipal Office in Piotrków Trybunalski

“I’ve been familiar with the Design Thinking method for some time however I felt it was time to consolidate this knowledge and learn how to utilise it at work. I decided to attend the workshops facilitated by Brainwave. My decision was right on the money! Irek and Alicja both have the knowledge and experience - and what’s most important, they know how to impart their knowledge in a clear and straightforward way. I’m amazed at the level of professionalism and positive atmosphere during the sessions. I’ve attended almost 100 various workshops, so I can claim with certainty: THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST TRAINING SESSIONS I’VE EVER ATTENDED.”

Laboratories Department Manager
Copernicus Science Centre

"Design Thinking opens the mind, releases energy and changes the ways you’ve taken action before. The training allowed me to switch to a new way of thinking about how to quickly create and select ideas and how to make my work more inspirational. Undoubtedly, Brainwave trainers have extensive experience in this field, who are able to effectively transfer knowledge, their experiences and create a relaxed, natural atmosphere. This is only part of my feelings and experiences gained from this training. You have to take part in it to get carried away by Design Thinking and find out that it is worth learning new working methods that trigger our creativity and openness. By participating in the training, you'll learn tools that will make you break out of your current workflow."

Ministry of Development

„Bardzo się cieszę, że miałam możliwość wzięcia w tym fantastycznym szkoleniu. Mnóstwo inspiracji i praktycznej wiedzy, a przede wszystkim wspaniała i motywująca do dalszego rozwoju atmosfera! Dawno już nie miałam poczucia tak dobrze spędzonego czasu. Zdobytą wiedzę i umiejętności na pewno wykorzystam. Plus za same konkrety, bez "lania wody", materiały szkoleniowe, chętne dzielenie się wiedzą i doświadczeniem. Jako uczestnicy mieliśmy szansę przećwiczyć i dokładnie omówić wszystkie etapy procesu. Polecam każdemu, kto chce rozwijać swoją karierę w obszarze Design Thinking, a szuka porządnej dawki praktycznej wiedzy 🙂 Wspaniałe doświadczenie!”

Specialist Quality tester
Bank Zachodni WBK

"Brainwave training was engaging and inspirational! Thanks to the great guidance we were able to experience (really experience!) what the Design Thinking method is in practice. I have found that design thinking can be successfully used in planning various activities, and prototyping is not just reserved for physical products. And above all, that mythical creativity can be practiced and developed. This is a great conclusion from our meeting. It's worth getting out of the rut of daily routine!"

Coordinator of the Institute of Advanced Studies
St. Brzozowski Association

"Passion + experts + professionalism = Brainwave"

HR Business Partner
PKP Energetyka


They let us make the right decisions. Thanks to them we are able to find ourselves in new or unforeseen situations and find the right direction. They also give us energy to take action and grow.


Creating worlds where you want to be in

As humans, we have the power to create worlds. Those worlds can be companies, institutions or cities. They can be what we want. The ones you don't have to run from. But they can also be a nightmare if we don't know for whom and what for we create them. Therefore, discovering the needs of the people and conscious design is a priority for us.


Impacting the world

We are involved in projects that have a positive impact on people - both as clients and employees. We work for organisations whose decisions and activities have a wide range of influence, which is why it is so important for us to thoroughly understand the needs of all stakeholders.


Overcoming difficulties

We like to help clients face challenges. This drives us to take action and give 120 percent. Where others see the problem, we see a chance for development. Product, service, the entire organisation, as well as ourselves.


Sustainable work and development

Working in business creates the risk of constantly sacrificing the present for the future. This often causes tremendous distraction and the loss of common sense. That is why we care about the effects of our projects and training courses, and that participation in them is a good experience for our clients, partners and employees.


  • We were the first in Poland to use Design Thinking to create an innovative way of recruiting employees. (Take a look)
  • As one of the few companies in Poland training in the Design Thinking method, we have experience in running design projects, which we share with participants.
  • We are an interdisciplinary, unique and well-coordinated team, which translates into the flexibility and efficiency of our work.
  • We have a rich network of contacts with specialists from various fields with whom we work with on projects.

  • Like no other, we build open and authentic relationships and a relaxed atmosphere of work in which everyone can be themselves.
  • We are not only experts but also true enthusiasts of Design Thinking. We use this method to create value for our clients and in everyday work on the development of our business, as well as in private life.
  • We love our work and our clients. We like Mondays and coming back from vacation.
  • The beginning of any project with a client is to find common values. Thanks to this, work is more effective and  commitment comes naturally.



January 27

Styczeń 2013

Irek comes across a TED talk "Do schools kill creativity?" by Sir Ken Robinson (I want to see the video). Ken's speech completely shatters Irek's perspective and changes his life forever.

May 1

Maj 2013

Ala, working in the marketing industry, notices hot spots in the organisational culture of companies, which require only obedience from employees, instead of encouraging independent action. Alicja, in turn, begins to look for meaning, relationships with people and opportunities to use talents at work.

September 18

Wrzesień 2013

The Wawa Design festival takes place, during which Irek co-organises his first creative workshops. It is also the moment when he gets to know the Design Thinking method. In his head, DT connects with Robinson's speech and sees design thinking as chance to save creativity.

February 27

Luty 2015

Ala and Irek meet for the first time. Irek is co-running the BlaBlaCar recruitment project using the DT method, in which Ala is one of the prospective employees. She catches the Design Thinking bug and is hired at BlaBlaCar as an Event Manager, which changes her professional future by 180 degrees.

April 13

Kwiecień 2015

Ala leads the first recruitment project at BlaBlaCar using the DT method. Having both the perspective of a candidate and recruiter, she sees the huge potential and effectiveness of this project. In total, she carries out 7 recruitment processes.

I want to read the article

September 9

Wrzesień 2015

The DT Makers agency is created, of which Irek is one of the founders. After conducting open workshops as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week and Design Thinking Week, DT Makers begins working with large multinational companies.

February 13

Luty 2017

The workshop "How to create an organisational culture that engages generation Y" is held, where Ala works with DT Makers for the first time as a facilitator. Alice finds a way to fight adverse culture at work in DT and decides to develop in this direction.

August 4

Sierpień 2017

Alicja permanently joins the DT Makers team, which had just won the tender for a series of training courses for lecturers at the UMCS university in Lublin. Ala and Irek recognise that Design Thinking can really change the education system in Poland. Their mission is to spread design thinking and create worlds in which they themselves would want to be in.

December 13

Grudzień 2018

The DT Makers agency decides to refresh its image to reflect its authentic character. The rebranding process begins.

I want to read the article

January 1

Styczeń 2020

DT Makers changes its name to Brainwave. Together with the name change, an octopus appears, which becomes a symbol of our company's versatility.

Thank you to everyone who made us able to be here! 


  • Miron Grzegorkiewicz - UX specialist
  • Anna Gabryjelska-Basiuk - business psychologist, coach
  • Katarzyna Anna Dąbrowska - translator

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